Hurricane season (usually lasting from June 1 through November 30 in the United States) can be a nerve-racking time for everyone. Hurricanes are not only a concern for those whose homes are in the path of one, but for relatives and friends who may worry about those people. Preparedness is not just essential for dealing with the physical challenges of hurricane season, but having a plan will help you and your loved ones keep their peace of mind during this stressful time.

Be sure to be ready if a storm comes. By signing up for the Hurricane Preparedness program, our technicians will be sure that your home is prepared to weather the storm.

As a Florida resident, all of us need to be prepared for hurricane season: All Hurricane Watch Clients will receive a post storm inspection and report as soon as possible after the storm has passed.

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Brian Purkey Cleaning Services, Inc. can help you get your home ready for the dreaded storm. The instant a Hurricane Watch is announced, we will inspect your home inside and out to secure all furniture that may become airborne in high winds, close all hurricane shutters, and take all necessary steps to defend your home from the effects of a hurricane to its fullest capacity.